How To Levitate Object

Posted: August 11, 2011 in Levitations

NEW Floating Card Method (Non Invisible Thread)

Who Else Wants To Learn How To Levitate Objects Like A Pro With This Secret Magic Device??

Q: How to levitate objects?

A: There are a few methods, some of them very lame while other’s are visually stunning.  All the pro’s use a magic device that actually does most of the work.   It’s like having the God-Like ability to levitate objects at will.

Q: I’m here to learn how to levitate objects but I’ve never done any levitations of objects before

A: No problem, the magic device was designed and made for beginners, if you can borrow an item and wave your hands then you’ll have fun floating and levitating small objects.

Criss Angel uses one.  David Blaine uses one.  All the pro’s uses one.  Finally beginners all over the world can use this easy magic device to levitate objects like a pro.

Dear Visitor and Friends,

I was like you once, I searched and searched for the secrets on “how to levitate objects” and I learned how to levitate a borrow bill.  But I only learned the “secret” method on how to levitate objects with invisible thread.  I was like you and you’re probably like me, you don’t have invisible thread.

Invisible thread is an old method used back in the 90’s and early 2000’s and was one of the secrets and was how magicians levitate objects.  It was a bit hard to practice with and you had to be really good to make it look smooth.

Until one day I discovered one of the best kept secret in magic history.  A magic device that was 10x easier for you to levitate objects!

This Magic Device Took Me From Beginner To Pro in 7 Days,  Instantly Made Me Popular Overnight and Received A Youtube Partnership Invitation.

Imagine what it can also do for you!

Hi, I’m James Lee and I’ve been into magic since I was 13.  When I was younger I was mainly into card tricks until one day when I was 21 I was visually stunned when someone levitated a piece of candy in front of me.  I asked if I could wave my hands over the levitating object…. I waved my hands over and around the floating object and found nothing, from that day on I got into the world of levitation and discovered simple and easy ways how to levitate objects.

After a year or so I discovered an amazing magic device that allowed you to move and levitate objects just like the way Criss Angel and David blaine levitates objects.   It was so easy and fun to use that I whore the device every day under my shirt and was amazing and impressing my friends, family and people at school.

One day I decided to upload some videos of  how I levitate objects on youtube.  All my levitation videos reach rock star like status on youtube and reached 100,000 views or more with every levitation video I uploaded.   Then one day in 2009 youtube invited me to join their youtube partnership program,  this was before they allow anyone to request to become a partner, so it actually was a big honor in early 2008–09 when you were personally invited.  Fast forward and because of this magic device that’s gives me the God-Like ability to move and levitate objects and look so cool and pro doing it.

Here are some of my popular levitation videos that help me get over 24,500 subscribers and nearly 5,000,000 views.

These are just a few of my video’s of me using my magic device and is the secret of how I levitate objects.  And you too can easily learn how to levitate objects like a pro using this secret magic device.  Let me explain just some of the routines you’ll learn with this magic device.

How To Levitate Objects 101

My secret magic device has been the top selling levitation device for the last 3 years in a row because it also comes with VIP access to my exclusive DVD video lesson’s.  You’ll understand exactly how to levitate objects just  like Criss Angel and David Blaine within 24 hrs or less.

4 powerful, yet simple levitation tricks you can master with your magic device!

1. The Ultimate Floating Dollar Bill (allows you to walk away while the floating object remains floating in the same spot)

2. The Floating Card (simple and easy way to borrow a playing or student ID card and secretly using your magic device to control and float the card.

3. Floating Rose.  A visually impressive and entertaining floating routine that will WoW the ladies.  Allows you to use a real rose and have it float from hand to hand…. even their hands.  Here’s a tip, let the girls keep the rose as a souvenir, they’ll be impressed and remember this magic moment for years to come ok players? !

And finally…… How to levitate objects 101 DVD lesson.  The Ultimate Floating Ring

Perhaps the best ring levitation routine ever created for the use of your magic device.   Unlike any other ring levitation. The Ultimate Floating Ring routine uses no gimmick rings and can be completely borrowed.

Imagine borrowing a ring and causing it to float and levitate in mid air, under your control have the ring fly around your body and then cause it to float back on to their finger and without doing anything else or touching the ring again, simply walk away and perform for the next person.

No Set Up.

No Switches.

It’s Simple and Emotionally Powerful.

Only 9 magic devices remain.

Special Introductory Offer Price

My magic device sells for $40 but for a limited special introductory offer, the next 4 days you’ll receive my secret magic device plus VIP access to my DVD video lessons for only $19.99.

Check out my fast action bonus

For those smart enough to take advantage of this money saving offer and to get your limited magic and levitation device you’ll be invited to our private exclusive 3D Virtual Magic Club.  Where we offer more magic tricks and video lessons to our members!



My girlfriend and her sister discovered a virtual video game that features text and voice chat, the ability to upload, share and view videos which made this the PREFECT interactive learning tool to teach on going weekly magic lessons and provide support for the magic device.


With over 900 members who come online you’ll meet new friends who are into magic.  You’ll be able to upload or view member magic videos and learn additional card tricks and other levitation routines.

Order my Magic Device with DVD Video Lessons and only for the next 10 customers, receive your exclusive Virtual Magic Club membership.

Remember the low introductory price of $19.99 will go back up to $40 in the next few days and the Virtual Magic Club only has room for the next 10 new members at this time.    Order Today and Don’t Miss Out

$39.99  $19.99


Here’s an test youtube account with me and ashley, one of the co founders and moderators of the Virtual Magic Club

If you have any sales questions please contact me here

  1. Janett says:

    the virtual magic thing looks cool, better then imvu

  2. Jake says:

    So how long does it take to ship to U.K.

  3. magicdevice says:

    It takes about 2 weeks to ship to the UK.

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